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About LangNet

The LangNet Project

LangNet is an integrated language learning support system, enabled by a comprehensive Web-based search and retrieval system. Learning materials are created through a collaborative initiative involving many contributors. The LangNet vision includes roles for US government entities and national language teacher associations in many languages.

LangNet consists of quality language learning and teaching resources. Quality assurance is accomplished by experts in the specific target languages and in pedagogy or second language acquisition, who are identified through the relevant language teacher associations and programs at major universities.

The project goal is to support a wide range of languages, learner proficiency levels, and learning environments. LangNet is working to create a scalable, cost-effective system that can adapt to changing missions, circumstances, and needs of learners and teachers. As LangNet develops, it will add the capacity to track use data for evaluation and research purposes.

LangNet has been created with the support of the US Government (Departments of Defense, Education and State).

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